Getting started

Install Trace Modeler

Start Trace Modeler

Install your license key

License Agreement

Mouse controls

Keyboard controls


Scrolling and zooming

Current selection

Edit modes

Bi-directional text support

Undo and redo changes

History window



Diagram context menu

Create a new diagram

Default diagram

Open an existing diagram

Save a diagram

Export settings window

Export a diagram to a graphics file

Export a diagram to the clipboard

Diagram styles

Diagram style

Diagram style window

Control flow

Empty return arrows

Target icon size

Lifeline spacing

Found call length

Activation width

Message spacing

Interplay of activation width and message spacing

Call alignment

Return alignment

Popular combinations for call and return alignment

Layout direction




Target context menu

Add a target

Reorder targets

Optimize the target order

Delete a target

Change the target kind

Edit the label of a target

Change the target destruction



Message context menu

Add a message

Reorder messages

Delete a message

Change the sender of a message

Change the receiver of a message

Edit the label of a message call

Edit the label of a message return

Change the message kind

Change the message delivery

Inline a message call

Split an activation


Comments and connectors

Comment context menu

Add a comment

Delete a comment

Move a comment

Edit the text of a comment

Connector context menu

Add a connector to a comment

Delete a connector from a comment

Move a comment connector

Combined fragments and operands

Combined fragments and operands

Combined fragment context menu

Add a combined fragment

Delete a combined fragment

Move a combined fragment

Edit the operator of a combined fragment

Operand context menu

Add an operand to a combined fragment

Delete an operand from a combined fragment

Reorder the operands in a combined fragment

Edit the guard of an operand

Clear the contents of an operand


Batch export

Preferences window

Increase the available memory

Application log