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Layout direction

The 'Layout direction' property determines Trace Modeler's directional bias in the diagram layout.

You should set it to the preferred reading direction of your audience.

There are two possible values : Left-to-right and Right-to-left.

It is one of the diagram style properties, the examples below demonstrate its effect on a diagram.

UML sequence diagram with a left-to-right layout direction, created with Trace Modeler.

UML sequence diagram with a right-to-left layout direction, created with Trace Modeler

Of course, a right-to-left layout fits best with a right-to-left-script such as Arabic, Hebrew or Urdu.

The layout direction influences :

Trace Modeler will automatically adjust everything on the diagram when you change the layout direction. Apart from cosmetic changes to the elements on the diagram, it will also change the location of each target.

For some more examples, have a look at the Arabic and Hebrew example traces contained in the distribution (see 'example arabic.trace' and 'example hebrew.trace' in the 'examples' folder of your installation).

To change the 'Layout direction' for a style

  1. Open the 'Diagram style' window
  2. Select the desired direction in the 'Layout direction' dropdown list

I've tried to support right-to-left scripts as much as I can, but my infrastructure and experience with it is limited. If you find anything missing/wrong or have ideas to further improve Trace Modeler for users with a right-to-left script, please contact me.

I've also written an article about the prevalent left-to-right bias in UML sequence diagrams, feel free to leave a comment!

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