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Empty returns

The 'Empty returns' property determines whether or not Trace Modeler will show message return arrows with an empty label.

Hide them to reduce the clutter on your diagram.

There are two possible values : Hide and Show.

It is one of the diagram style properties, the examples below demonstrate its effect on a diagram.

UML sequence diagram that doesn't show empty returns, created with Trace Modeler UML sequence diagram that shows empty returns, created with Trace Modeler

Note that whether or not an empty return arrow is hidden doesn't change the way you can interact with it : you can still select it, edit its text, etc. A hidden arrow is drawn very faintly on-screen so you would recognize it. When you export a diagram to a graphics file or export it to the clipboard, any hidden arrows will be invisible.

You can change the 'Empty return arrows' for a style in two different ways :

In the diagram style window

  1. Open the 'Diagram Style' window
  2. Select the desired value from the 'Empty returns' dropdown list

In the diagram context menu,

  1. Open the diagram context menu
  2. Check or uncheck the 'Show empty returns' menu item

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