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Diagram style

You can customize how your UML sequence diagrams look with Trace Modeler's style features.

A diagram style consists of the properties below. You can change their values in the 'Diagram style' window.

Style property values
Lifeline spacing Numeric [40,500]
Found call length Numeric [40,500]
Message spacing Numeric [10,30]
Activation width Small, Medium, Large
Target icon size Small, Medium, Large
Call alignment Sender, Center, Receiver
Return alignment Sender, Center, Receiver
Control flow Hide, Show
Control flow color Any color
Empty returns Hide, Show
Layout direction Left to right, Right to left
Regular font Family, size, style
Comment font Family, size, style
Target font Family, size, style

For visual consistency, it is recommended to use the same style for all diagrams in a document.

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