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Reorder messages

Reordering messages is easy with Trace Modeler, simply rearrange them and everything on the diagram will be adjusted accordingly.

You can only change the message order in diagram edit mode.

With the mouse

  1. Select the message's activation
  2. LEFT-DRAG the message activation to where you want it to be
  3. Release the LEFT mouse button to drop it there (you must drop it close to the lifeline of a target however)

With the keyboard

  1. Select the message's call arrow, its activation or its return arrow
  2. Use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to move it up or down the diagram

When you use the mouse you needn't worry about getting the drop location exactly right, as Trace Modeler lays out messages and activations automatically.

Note that when you move a message too far up or down, you may end up changing the sender of the message as well. It all depends on the control flow prior to the message call.

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