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Preferences window

The 'Preferences' window shows the current values of the application preferences and allows you to change them.

screenshot of the preferences window

To open the 'Preferences' window,

  1. Open the 'Window' menu in the menu bar.
  2. Select the 'Preferences window' menu item
  3. The 'Preferences' window will appear

Show tips on startup

When this option is checked, Trace Modeler will display the 'Tip of the day' dialog when it is started. If you want to view the tips at any other time, you can do so from the 'Help' menu.

Start with welcome

When this option is checked, Trace Modeler will display a welcome diagram on startup with information to get new users started quickly.

When this option is unchecked, Trace Modeler will start with the default diagram. Once you've familiarized yourself with the basic controls, the welcome diagram will probably be of little use to you in which case you should uncheck this option.

Connector size

The 'Connector size' property determines the size of the comment connectors.

There are three possible values : Small, Medium and Large.

Custom default diagram

When this is option is checked, a custom default diagram is used each time each time you create a new diagram. If it is unchecked, the built-in default diagram will be used.

Default diagram

Here you can see which diagram is used when you create a new diagram. It is either the built-in default diagram or one that you have chosen yourself (see 'Custom default diagram' above).

Press the button with the ellipsis ('...') to select a custom default diagram.

Look and feel

This preference setting controls how Trace Modeler's user interace looks. It should be set to the appropriate look and feel for your platform automatically, but if it isn't (or you don't like it), you can change it here.

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