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Increase the available memory

Trace Modeler is a java application and as such can only access memory made available by the java runtime environment (JRE).

Unfortunately, some JRE's put an upper bound on the memory available to a java application. So even if your machine has 2GB of (physical/virtual) memory, it may be that the JRE you're using only lets Trace Modeler access 64MB.

Normally, Trace Modeler has very modest memory requirements and you will probably never run out of memory whilst editing a diagram. However, exporting a diagram to a bitmap file briefly requires a lot of memory to generate the bitmap in memory before writing it out to disk.

If you ever run out of memory, you'll have to tell your JRE to give Trace Modeler more of the good stuff.

This requires editing an .ini file as well as a restart of the JRE (incl. Trace Modeler). On the plus side, you will only have to do this once.

Note that the setting below only sets the maximum amount of memory Trace Modeler can use and that this amount is not preallocated! The JRE will only allocate whatever memory Trace Modeler requires to do its job, nothing more.

The distribution includes two .ini files that are used to control the amount of available memory when you start Trace Modeler or batch export a diagram.

You need to edit :

Each contains an -Xmx parameter. Please replace the parameter with one from the table below to change the maximum amount of memory available (in megabytes) :

Maximum amount of memory available to Trace Modeler

Beware that the parameter is case-sensitive and must be reproduced exactly. Also, make sure that the .jre.ini file never contains more than a single line.

Note that you can specify whatever value you want, not just the ones listed above. You could even lower it below 128MB if you're trying to run Trace Modeler on a device with less memory (let me know if you do!)

If you cannot get it to work on your system, please contact me and I'll help you out.

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