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Application log

The application log records various kinds of messages in chronological error :

the application log

Under normal operation, these messages will be of little use to you. The main purpose of the application log is to provide information about the application state when you run into a problem.

Whenever the application encounters an error, it will alert you to the application log so you can have a look at it. There are two kinds of errors, handled and unhandled errors.

A handled error may be of use to you. For example when you're experimenting with the .trace file format, Trace Modeler will report any errors it encounters whilst opening your file.

An unhandled error results in a stack trace (a big block of red text) in the application log and is most likely caused by a bug.

If you encounter such an unhandled error, please help me improve Trace Modeler by sending me the contents of the application log.

Preferably with a description of what you were trying to do when the error occurred. Bugs are almost impossible to fix if they cannot be reproduced so if it is at all possible, please include the diagram (.trace file) you were working on so that I may try to reproduce the failure and hopefully fix the bug.

To open the application log manually,

  1. Open the 'Window' menu in the menu bar.
  2. Select the 'Application log' menu item.
  3. The application log will appear.

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