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Add an operand to a combined fragment

You can add a new operand to a combined fragment in two ways.

When in diagram edit mode

  1. Select the combined fragment
  2. Open the combined fragment context menu
  3. Select the 'Add operand' menu item

The new operand will be added to the bottom of the combined fragment. If that is not where you intended it to be, you can always reorder the operands later on.

You can add an operand to a specific position in the combined fragment as follows (again, when in diagram edit mode)

    1. Select an operand in the combined fragment
    2. Open the operand context menu
    3. Open the 'Add operand' submenu
    4. Select one of the'before this one' or 'after this one' menu items

The new operand will have the following properties :

After the new operand has been added, Trace Modeler will automatically switch to text edit mode so you can immediately edit its guard.

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