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Export a diagram to the clipboard

Exporting a diagram to the clipboard allows you to paste the diagram into another application as an image.

This is the quickest and easiest way to get your diagram into an external document. However, you should consider that

The image on the clipboard will have the following characteristics :

A more durable approach to get your diagram in an external document is to export the diagram to a graphics file, link to that graphics file from the document and synchronize updates with a batch export.

To export a diagram to the clipboard

  1. Open the 'Tools' menu
  2. Select the 'Export to clipboard' menu item


  1. Press CTRL-E at any time

Note that exporting to the clipboard may consume a large amount of memory. If Trace Modeler runs out of memory during the export, you'll have to increase the amount of memory available to Trace Modeler.

Also, exporting a large diagram to the clipboard will cause the clipboard to require a lot of memory. The clipboard will continue to occupy that memory until some other data is copied to it. If this goes unnoticed, a lot of memory in your machine is needlessly unavailable. To prevent such waste, Trace Modeler will clear the clipboard on exit if the clipboard contains a diagram.

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