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Export a diagram to a graphics file

Exporting a diagram to a graphics file enables you to use your diagram outside of Trace Modeler. For example, to include it in a document or publish it on the web.

Note that you can also export a diagram to the clipboard which is a quick & easy way to get a diagram into an an external document. However, for more durable and extensive documentation efforts, the preferred way is to export to a graphics file, link to it from the external document and synchronize with a batch export.

A batch export will export multiple diagrams at once from the command-line and is very handy in a documentation build process.

You can adjust various aspects of the exported graphics file and tweak it for your specific purposes in the 'Export settings' window.

To export a diagram to a graphics file :

  1. Open the 'Tools' menu
  2. Select the 'Export to file..' menu item
  3. The 'Export diagram' window will appear
  4. Choose a location and name for the graphics file
  5. Press the 'Export' button

The 'Export diagram' window is where you enter the filename of the graphics file and where it will be stored in the file system :

the export diagram window

Note that the filename extension is fixed according to the chosen format in the 'Export settings' window.

If Trace Modeler runs out of memory during the export operation, you can either

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