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Default diagram

Rather than starting with a blank diagram, Trace Modeler uses a default diagram when you create a new diagram.

The default diagram is used as a starting point for every diagram and can be customized to suit your needs.

Set your custom default diagram

The default diagram is file-based. Each time you create a new diagram, the initial content for that new diagram is read from a specific file.

You can set your custom default diagram in the 'Preferences' window.

Built-in default diagram

This is the built-in default diagram :

the built-in default diagram

Since most diagrams have at least two targets and a couple of messages, a well chosen custom default diagram can save you time on every diagram you create.

The whole idea of a custom default diagram is based on the 'good defaults' UI-pattern. You can read more about this in the 'Good defaults' UI-pattern applied to diagrams article.

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