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Move a comment connector

To move a connector endpoint to a different position on the diagram, when in diagram edit mode

With the mouse

  1. Select the connector
  2. LEFT-DRAG the connector to where you want it to be
  3. Release the LEFT mouse button to drop it there

With the keyboard

  1. Select the connector
  2. Use the LEFT ARROW, RIGHT ARROW, UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to move it in big increments
    • Hold down SHIFT while you do this to move the connector in small increments

When you move a connector, Trace Modeler will use its new location to determine whether it should be a bound or an unbound connector. Basically, if the connector is placed on an activation it will be bound to that activation, otherwise it will be unbound.

Note that when you move the connector endpoint, its comment will not move along with it.

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