Download Trace Modeler

Download the latest release (v1.6.15) - [click here for download page]


  • Download the file from the above link
  • No installation required, simply unzip the downloaded file to a folder.
  • Execute the startup script or executable for your platform (it may take a while to start the first time!).
  • Check out the 'Getting started' section in the manual (included in the distribution).
  • Note that you will need a Java 5 Runtime Environment (JRE) to run Trace Modeler. Not sure if you have one? Check your JRE version here, any version 1.5.x or better will suffice. If you do not have an appropriate JRE, you can download it here for free.
System requirements
Trace Modeler is a cross-platform editor
    windows Windows linux Linux
    mac osx Mac OSX java Java 5
It requires only 32MB RAM, a 1GHz CPU
and a Java 5 Runtime Environment (JRE)

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