The benefits of using Trace Modeler

It's all about time really... Your time!

The main benefit of using Trace Modeler is that it will save you a tremendous amount of time, plain and simple.

Try it on a couple of diagrams and you'll be convinced that you're more productive with Trace Modeler than with any other UML-tool you've used.

You only have to focus on the content of your sequence diagrams, Trace Modeler will take care of all the rest.

  • the diagram layout is updated instantly and automatically whenever you make a change
  • the look and layout of your diagrams is controlled by style settings and easily changed
  • diagrams are always visually pleasing and structurally correct

Think about the last time you had to deal with sequence diagrams, where did you spend most of your time? On the actual content or struggling with shapes and layout issues?

Trace Modeler has a couple of neat and innovative features that make working with sequence diagrams a pleasant experience... How's that for a change?

Supported UML sequence diagram elements
      object, class, active object, active class, multiobject
      iconic stereotypes : actor, boundary, control, entity, database
      destroy after destructor, after last call, at end of trace
    calls, activations and returns
      regular , constructor, destructor
      synchronous / asynchronous
      instantaneous / delayed
      direct / indirect
    notes and connectors

    combined fragments and operands

    actions, state invariants and constraints

    diagram frame
Automatic layout features

    Trace Modeler will automatically and instantly layout your diagram!

    for targets, Trace Modeler will
      lay them out horizontally at a fixed horizontal distance from each other (user configurable)
      place constructed targets lower on the page, where the constructor call is
      determine the correct length of a target's lifeline
      put a destruction cross at the end of a lifeline when required
    for activations, Trace Modeler will
      place them on their target's lifeline and offset them when nested
      give all activations the same width (user configurable)
      match their position and height with their call and return arrows
    for call and return arrows, Trace Modeler will
      lay them out vertically based on their timing and a fixed distance (user configurable)
      keep the begin and end of each arrow correctly connected to the activations
      align call and return labels based on a style setting (user configurable)
      slant non-instantaneous calls
    for comments and connectors, Trace Modeler will
      resize notes to fit around their text
      keep notes and their connectors connected
    for combined fragments and operands, Trace Modeler will
      resize combined fragments to encompass the lifeline of each target that is active during that fragment
      resize combined fragments to encompass all call and return arrows contained in them
      resize combined fragments to encompass all nested fragments
Easy manipulation

    Whenever you change a diagram, Trace Modeler will automatically and instantly update its layout!

    adding an element is easy, simply click where you want to add it and Trace Modeler will automatically
      layout the surrounding elements
      connect it to other elements if necessary
    rearranging a diagram is easy, simply drag an element to its new position and Trace Modeler will automatically
      move and resize the surrounding elements
      connect it to other elements if necessary
      layout the diagram so everything looks perfect again
    some other novel features
      split an activation
      inline a call
      suggest an optimal target order
      control when a target is destroyed with a simple property
      highlight the flow of control
      full bidi-support for interface and diagram (labels, notes, layout direction)
    work on different areas of a diagram and never get lost
      easy and accurate scrolling in any direction by right-dragging, no one dimensional scrollbars
      fast and easy zooming at the pointer location, with the mouse wheel
      sticky zoom levels - fit to width, fit to height, fit to window (coming soon)
      target bar - a target's name is overlaid semi-transparently on the diagram if only its lifeline is in view
    unlimited undo/redo
    Control the look of your diagrams with simple style settings
      influence the layout algorithm
        lifeline spacing, message spacing, found call length, layout direction
      change the look of your diagrams
        control flow highlight, hidden empty returns, activation width, stereotype icon size, call label alignment, return label alignment, fonts
    Export your diagrams for use in documents or on the web
      multiple formats
        PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF, SVG and EPS
      different resolutions to match your output device
        72, 150 or 300 DPI
      custom scaling
        specify an exact size in pixels, inches, centimeters or millimeters
    Simple text-based file format (.trace)
      Fit for human consumption
        easy to generate
        easy to diff/merge revisions with any version control system