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UML and sequence diagrams

A Quick Introduction to UML Sequence Diagrams

This article introduces some commonly used elements that you may encounter when dealing with UML sequence diagrams.

Pimp My Diagram

This series of articles discusses common mistakes in UML sequence diagrams and shows you how to improve your own diagrams. Each episode features a makeover of a real-world UML sequence diagram.

Left-to-right bias in UML sequence diagrams

This article discusses some of the issues with a left-to-right vs. a right-to-left layout for UML sequence diagram, with example.


Good Defaults UI pattern applied to diagrams

This article discusses an often overlooked application of the Good Defaults UI pattern : a customizable default diagram.


How bugs in the J2SE API can bite you twice

This article discusses how bugs in a standard API may need to be dealt with twice.

Aging bugs and setting DPI with Java Image IO

This article discusses some pitfalls you may encounter when setting DPI for an exported bitmap